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….and so is our Spring Membership Ride, which will be held on Sat., May 17.  Please register for this event at the ride listing on our Ride Calendar at  As has been past practice, this is a free event for members.  Non-members will have a chance to join at the ride.

We’re going change things a bit this year.  Instead of having the usual cookout, we plan on providing pulled pork from a local restaurant.  The rest of the meal will be “Pot Luck”, with members providing the side dish or dessert of their choice.  So get out those recipes for potato salad, coleslaw, baked beans, deviled eggs and desserts.

Congratulations to Robert “Bob” Morris who was elected Secretary at the Membership meeting on April 13.  Bob replaces Barbara Norton who, along with her husband Paul, will be moving to sunny Florida.  A big “Thank You” to Barbara for a job well done serving as Secretary!

After almost one and a half years, we heard from the IRS concerning our application for tax-exempt status under Section 501(c)(7) of the tax code.  Before receipt of the IRS’s request for additional information, the Executive Board determined that it was in the club’s best interests not to pursue tax-exempt status due to the limitations it placed on us in holding the Cannonball.  Non-member income derived from the Cannonball caused the club to violate the so called “15% rule” applicable to 501(c)(7) organizations, and essentially would force us to make all participants a member.

I explained to the IRS in a phone conversation that this single annual event would cause our non-compliance.  The IRS stated that they had discretion to consider facts and circumstances in determining whether organizations qualified for tax-exempt status that had non-member income in excess of the limits imposed on 501(c)(7) organizations. Because the Cannonball was a single annual event that would effect non-compliance with the 15% rule, the IRS person indicated that we should qualify.

This is a preliminary determination and not official, but I am optimistic that we will receive approval under 501(c)(7) and will be able to conduct the Cannonball in the manner that the club has traditionally done.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed!!!!


How To Avoid Being Hit By A Car
By Stan Huie
Only a small percentage of cycling deaths and injuries involve an incursion with a motor vehicle. If you remove accidents involving children and those where alcohol is involved, that figure goes down to about 7%. However, it's still worth our time to be aware the ways we can avoid accidents with motor vehicles.

A recent article on came to my attention through the Virginia Bicycling Federation. It's descriptively labeled How To Not Get Hit By Cars. The article lists ten most common types of incursions cyclist have with vehicles in order of frequency and how to avoid those situations. They give good advise and it's worth a read.

How about those hazards that cause the majority of cycling accidents? There are a few important tips, like watching for various types road hazards, crossing railroad tracks and grates perpendicularly, not overlapping wheels, etc. But unfortunately most of the information in this category is learned by experience. Come out for group rides and talk with other riders about their experiences. And, most importantly, wear a properly fitted helmet. Sooner or later every rider takes a spill. Ride safe.

Why Travel By Bike

Why Travel by bike? Photographer Nicholas Marino specializes in remote landscape photography and has discovered that this was the way to be closest to his subject.  See his blog on "A Journey Across Remote Lands."

Why Should You Join the FCC

Why should you be a member of Fredericksburg Cyclists:

  • to support safe cycling and to help make our area a more cycling friendly community.
  • to participate in area rides with club insurance (non-members only covered for first ride).
  • to be a part of classes, talks and workshops on cycling, maintenance, fitness, nutrition and other bike-related topics.
  • to stay informed on cycling-related activities in our area and be in contact with other riders.
  • to receive discounts at area bike shops and other sporting goods retailers. (For many, this one item will pay for your membership)
  • to participate in social activities with other cyclists.
  • to receive discounted or free registration for some rides such as The Cannonball Century and The Spring Outreach Ride.

Membership is only $15 for an individual, $20 for a family and $10 for full time students. You can join through either of the two options below:

On-line Application

Mail-In Membership Application

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A Typical FCC Ride
Some may wonder, what does a typical Saturday club ride look like? Here's a sample thanks to the video talent of Bob Broeking.

New Fredericksburg Cyclist Jerseys

We have a hand full of jerseys left - first come first serve
- 1 Mens Performance M
- 1 Mens Sport M
- 2 Womens Sport XL
- 1 Womens Sport L
- 1 Womens Performance L
Contact Stan Huie if you're interested.  The women's jerseys would work for a guy if you just adjust the size about a size lower.

Ride Captain's Corner
It is with great honor that I serve another year as Ride Captain for the Fredericksburg Cyclists Club.  My goal for 2014 is to first, maintain the ride schedule we achieved last year.  Throughout 2013 I enjoyed the support from twenty ride leaders and with their help the club enjoyed almost 200 planned rides. Sandy Jakubowski won Ride Leader of the Year and my hope is to continue the successes of both her Tuesday and Thursday Rides as well as Allen Simcoe’s Saturday Rides.  The second thing I want to accomplish this year is More Rides!  I hope to get Morgan’s help again with her Tuesday Evening Rides.  I am excited to announce Bruce White’s commitment to lead a Wednesday evening ride for the entire month of May.  Bruce is the leader of the Boy Scout troop planning to ride across country this year and feels he still has enough energy to help the club! I continue to get the commitments from last year’s key ride leaders such as Paul Cariker, Tonya Conover, Bob Morris and others.  These leaders are willing to help fill the Sunday calendar in warmer months.

A challenge I face this year is to maintain and grow the No Drop Ride.  Karen Bohn has volunteered to pick it back up again once it gets warmer and attendance numbers grow.  Saturday has been the only ride with a planned No Drop group available.  I feel like in order to at least maintain that, I need one more person.  Karen might not make every Saturday.  If you are able to help, please reach out to Karen or myself.  I believe Bruce will offer a no drop ride on his Wednesday in May rides and others may come about.  The calendar will keep you informed.

It is with great honor that I serve as Vice President for the Fredericksburg Cyclists Club.  Stan Huie has really set the bar high with the years of service he provided the club as Vice President.  I hope everyone appreciates the work he puts forth with every event.  He wanted to step down as Vice President and I was nominated to replace him.  Stan will stay on as Webmaster for and I am sure he and his wife, Margie, will continue to find ways to support the club.

My primary goal in 2014 as Vice President is to see the Cannonball revived!  We had to call off last year’s ride in order for the club to put its house in order.  That is done.  This event is no small task but I feel this ride is part of what identifies our club.  The most important person in regards to the Cannonball (CB) is its Coordinator, Morgan Jenkins.  She will tell you that more CB riders are non-members than are members.  We get riders from all around who have actually marked this event on their calendars for years. It is a fun ride for everyone and well regarded in our region.  I want to see that continue.

The success of the CB will force the club to face other issues.  Other factors like our pending IRS application for 501(c)7 status may eventually allow the Executive Board to plot a long term course for the club.  Once we get the IRS ruling, the Executive Board will then have to address the club’s Articles of Incorporation. There has already been talk of dues increases and other by-laws amendment proposals so I can already foresee a long road ahead but my overall objective is to leave this club stronger at the end of my tenure.

The last goal I have set for my time as Vice President is growth.  I believe our club’s desire is to promote cycling to the community.  The bigger we are the more we can do just that. On a personal note, I can say there is nothing that pays off like my $15 membership does!  Last year I spent almost 400 hours on a bike, a majority of that with the club.  Other club members challenge me, encourage me, pull me, and drag me.  I can’t get that without them. The whole time we ride we are covered by a supplemental insurance policy in the event our ride does not end at the lot.  Once or twice a year I get to enjoy a ride followed by a cookout and club party.  I get discounts at several area bike stores.  I have made many friends and met many more interesting people over the years I have been a member.  You add it all up I wonder why anyone wouldn’t be a member! 

I ask all of you to help make this a club for everyone! Tri riders, fat tire riders, new riders , professional racers, avid riders and weekend warriors, we welcome you all.  That doesn’t mean that each of us have to ride with each of you, but it does mean that everyone is welcome and as we grow we will find a group for everyone.  I was asked the other day why I didn’t just rely on meetup to find group rides.  Many do, and I have used it when looking for a ride in areas I travel for business.  However, while an FCC membership costs $15 more than meetup, I get so much more in return.  If you know a cyclist who is not a member, invite them to a ride.  They are able to try us out before they sign up.  For many of us, that was all it took to get us to sign up.

John Summer – Ride Captain

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