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Club Ride Calendar

You can view the calendar either in the calendar view or the list view formats by clicking on the selector in the upper right corner of this page.  We try to have registration links to all non-club rides within the ride description. Contact the webmaster if you have any questions.


Year: 2017

1January, 2017
Jan 01 New Year's Day Century Ride
Jan 01 FCC's New Years Day Ride
Jan 02 New Year's Day Ride Part Deux (Willowmere)
Jan 03 Tuesday YMCA Ride
Jan 03 Tuesday Night Lights
Jan 05 Thursday YMCA Ride
Jan 07 Saturday YMCA Ride
Jan 10 Tuesday YMCA Ride
Jan 10 Celebrate Virginia at Night
Jan 12 Thursday YMCA Ride
Jan 14 Saturday YMCA Ride
Jan 17 Tuesday YMCA Ride
Jan 18 Wednesday Night Lights
Jan 19 Thursday YMCA Ride
Jan 21 Culpeper-Warrenton Century
Jan 21 Saturday YMCA Ride
Jan 24 Tuesday YMCA Ride
Jan 24 Celebrate Virginia At Night
Jan 26 Thursday YMCA Ride
Jan 28 Saturday YMCA Ride
Jan 29 Willowmere Ride
Jan 31 Tuesday YMCA Ride
Feb 01 Wednesday Night Lights
Feb 02 Thursday YMCA Ride
Feb 04 Saturday YMCA Ride
Feb 05 Tour de Somerville
Feb 07 Tuesday YMCA Ride
Feb 09 Thursday YMCA Ride
Feb 11 February Century
Feb 11 Saturday YMCA Ride
Feb 12 Valentine's Day Ride
Feb 14 Tuesday YMCA Ride
Feb 16 Thursday YMCA Ride
Feb 18 Saturday YMCA Ride
Feb 19 Willowmere Ride
Feb 19 Bistro Ride
Feb 20 President's Day Ride
Feb 21 Tuesday YMCA Ride
Feb 23 Thursday YMCA Ride
Feb 25 Saturday YMCA Ride
Feb 26 Hartwood Reverse Ride
Feb 26 Bistro Ride
Feb 28 Tuesday YMCA Ride
Mar 02 Thursday YMCA Ride
Mar 04 Saturday YMCA Ride
Mar 05 Tour de Somerville (NEW START TIME!!)
Mar 05 Bistro Ride (NEW START TIME-Weather delay)
Mar 07 Tuesday YMCA Ride
Mar 09 Thursday YMCA Ride
Mar 11 Saturday YMCA Ride
Mar 12 Bistro Ride
Mar 12 Willowmere Ride
Mar 14 Tuesday YMCA Ride
Mar 16 Thursday YMCA Ride
Mar 18 Saturday YMCA Ride
Mar 18 FCC Social
Mar 19 Bowling Green Century and Social (NEW START LOCATION!!)
Mar 19 Hartwood Reverse Ride
Mar 19 Bistro Ride
Mar 21 Tuesday YMCA Ride
Mar 23 Thursday YMCA Ride
Mar 25 Saturday YMCA Ride
Mar 26 Bistro Ride
Mar 28 Tuesday YMCA Ride
Mar 30 Thursday Night Ride (NEW START LOCATION AND ROUTES)
Apr 01 Saturday YMCA Ride
Apr 02 Willowmere Ride
Apr 02 Bistro Ride
Apr 04 Tuesday YMCA Ride
Apr 04 Tuesday Evening Ride
Apr 06 Thursday YMCA Ride
Apr 06 Thursday Night Ride (NEW START LOCATION AND ROUTES)
Apr 08 Saturday YMCA Ride
Apr 09 Bistro Ride
Apr 11 Tuesday YMCA Ride
Apr 11 Tuesday Evening Ride
Apr 13 Thursday YMCA Ride
Apr 13 Thursday Night Ride (NEW START LOCATION AND ROUTES)
Apr 15 Colonial Beach Century
Apr 15 Saturday YMCA Ride
Apr 16 Bistro Ride
Apr 18 Tuesday Massaponax Church ride (NEW START TIME AND LOCATION)
Apr 18 Tuesday Evening Ride
Apr 20 Thursday Massaponax Church Ride (NEW START TIME AND LOCATION)
Apr 20 Thursday Night Ride (NEW START LOCATION AND ROUTES)
Apr 21 FCC Social Event Red Dragon Brewery
Apr 22 Saturday YMCA Ride (NEW START TIME)
Apr 23 Bistro Ride
Apr 25 Tuesday Massaponax Church ride
Apr 26 Wednesday Evening Ride (One time event)
Apr 27 Thursday Massaponax Church Ride
Apr 27 Thursday Night Ride
Apr 29 King George to Tappahannock Century
Apr 29 Saturday YMCA Ride
Apr 30 Tour de Somerville
Apr 30 Bistro Ride
May 02 Tuesday Massaponax Church ride
May 02 Tuesday Evening Ride
May 04 Thursday YMCA Ride
May 04 Thursday Evening Ride
May 06 Saturday YMCA 0730 Ride
May 06 Fredericksburg to Orange Century
May 06 Saturday YMCA Ride
May 07 Bistro Ride
May 09 Tuesday Massaponax Church ride
May 09 Tuesday Evening Ride
May 11 Thursday YMCA Ride
May 11 Thursday Evening Ride
May 14 Bistro Ride
May 16 Tuesday Massaponax Church ride
May 16 Tuesday Evening Ride
May 18 Thursday YMCA Ride
May 18 Thursday Evening Ride
May 20 Saturday YMCA 0730 Ride
May 20 Saturday YMCA Ride
May 20 FCC Social Event (Potluck Cookout)
May 21 Bistro Ride
May 23 Tuesday Massaponax Church ride
May 23 Tuesday Evening Ride
May 25 Thursday YMCA Ride
May 25 Thursday Evening Ride
May 27 Fredericksburg Cyclists Annual Membership Drive Ride
May 28 Bistro Ride
May 29 Apples and Peaches Memorial Day Ride
May 30 Tuesday Massaponax Church ride
May 30 Tuesday Evening Ride
Jun 03 Sperryville Century
Jun 03 National Bike Travel Weekend (FCC opportunity)
Jun 06 Tuesday Massaponax Church ride
Jun 06 Tuesday Evening Ride
Jun 13 Tuesday Massaponax Church ride
Jun 13 Tuesday Evening Ride
Jun 17 Bruce White's Annual BBQ Bike Ride and Bocce Ball Tournament
Jun 20 Tuesday Massaponax Church ride
Jun 20 Tuesday Evening Ride
Jun 27 Tuesday Massaponax Church ride
Jun 27 Tuesday Evening Ride
Jul 30 Croquette Ride
Sep 24 The 18th Annual Cannonball Century
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