Fredericksburg Cyclists
It's Time to Get Connected

There are several ways to interact with other members of Fredericksburg Cyclists"

Facebook offers a way to interact with friends and see the interaction of friends with others.  Specific pages such as the Fredericksburg Cyclists Facebook Page offers the opportunity to interact on club related topics.  If you are new to Facebook you might want to watch the What is Facebook video.  Anyone can view open Facebook pages, but you need to subscribe to Facebook to post pictures or comment on other posts.

Twitter is a live-time way to share short bite sized updates of your life with friends. When you follow friends you learn about their interests and what they are up to.  With organization posts, like Fredericksburg Cyclists, you can hear the latest news of what is happening with that group or with other members regarding the group.  A good way to get started is to watch the What is Twitter Video.  Again, the first step is to establish a twitter account.  Then it's simply a matter of selecting who you want to follow on Twitter.  For Fredericksburg Cyclists, search for F'burg Cyclists and click "follow." Once you are connected, you can stay in touch and post through your iPhone or other web capable phone.

Forums offer members a way to interact with other members on various topics.  We have also placed a "Classifieds" section so that members can let others know of bikes, tools and parts they have for sale.

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