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What is this event all about?

The Cannonball Century is a community bicycling event, sponsored and supported annually by the club and its members. We are active cyclists that volunteer to make this an enjoyable event for all.

Who supports this event?

We have support from Stafford Parks & Recreation, the Rappahannock Valley Amateur Radio Club, the YMCA, club members, friends and family. We also appreciate the support of Midland Christian Academy, St Stephen’s Church Preschool and area homeowners that provide rest stops.

What is my registration fee for?

Registration fees are used to pay expenses such as food and park reservations. After expenses, a portion of the event proceeds go to area charities related to cycling and club sponsors.

Will there be a refund if I can't make it or if it rains?

This is a rain or shine ride so pray for shine! Generally speaking, we cannot offer refunds due to the expense in hosting the event.

Can I volunteer to help out?

Yes, if you are not planning to ride, we invite you to volunteer by emailing the coordinator.

Can my young children ride along in a baby-seat or trailer?

Since roads are not closed and there are no trails, we don't allow this. All riders must be able to handle a bicycle on open roads that are shared with motor vehicles.

Is a helmet required?

Yes, an ANSI or SNELL certified helmet is required when riding a bike during this event. In addition, all Virginia traffic laws and regulations must be followed.

Is food provided?

Yes, in addition to food & water along the way at each rest stop, we also provide linner (lunch/dinner) which is a delicious taco buffet.

What time can I start?

Check-in opens at 7:30 AM and riders may start immediately after that. Check-in closes at 9 AM. Please allow enough time to finish your respective course. Note that the last stop closes at 4:30 PM.

Who do I contact in case of problems along the course?

Cell phone coverage is spotty so we recommend contact with other riders, the Rest Stop hosts along the way and Bicycle Equipment Safety Teams (BEST) that sweep the course. Note that each Rest Stop is equipped with members of the Radio Club that communicate with a base station - and they do a fine job!

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