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Route Support

All Fredericksburg Cyclists rides and routes are available through our RideWithGPS site. 

Rider Support/FAQ's

  • Do I need a bicycle helmet? 
    • Yes! No exceptions!
  • Are headphones permitted on a ride? 
    • No. Although VA bans the use headphones in both ears*, Fredericksburg Cyclists does not permit the use of any headphones during a group ride. The use of headphones will not allow you to hear approaching traffic, barking dogs who may try to chase you, or other riders who are trying to communicate with you about their intentions or road hazards. Using headphones is dangerous for you and the riders around you. 
    • * ยง 46.2-1078 It shall be unlawful for any person to operate a motor vehicle, bicycle, electric personal assistive mobility device, electric power-assisted bicycle, or moped on the highways in the Commonwealth while using earphones on or in both ears.
  • For additional information and FAQ's, please follow this link.
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