Fredericksburg Cyclists

Cycling Related Seminars

Fredericksburg Cyclists Club (FCC) will be offering a variety of stand-alone seminars on maintenance and bicycle mechanics, touring, nutrition and other cycling related topics.  These seminars will be posted on the calendar and members will be notified of upcoming events in club communications.

Cycling Skills Classes

Would you like to learn urban riding skills? The FCC is planning a series of classes designed to help you become a safer, happier and more skilled cyclist. These classes are designed by the League of American Bicyclists (LAB) and we are structuring our class on a model used by the Washington Area Bicyclist Association (WABA). Contact Stan Huie if you would have an interest in these classes. The number and timing of the classes will depend on interest.  Participants need to provide their own bike and helmet.

We will be providing classes for cyclists at a variety of levels.

Bicycle Care & Maintenance is the a part of our Confident City Cycling Class series and a stand-alone class for cyclists. These classes are designed to help cyclists be more capable and independent on their bikes.  We will present at a variety topics and levels.  (Next Class, May 20, 2018)

Bicycle Rodeo is a community event aimed for children in cooperation with the Spotsylvania YMCA, Olde Towne Bicycles and area police.  We check bikes for safety, make sure kids have helmets, mark bikes with theft recovery serial numbers recorded with the police and teach riding skills on an obstacle course. 

Adult Learn to Ride (L2R) classes are for people who have never ridden a bike before but want a dedicated group of instructors to help them to learn.  Participants need to provide their own bike and helmet.  (Scheduled as needed - Contact Stan Huie)

Confident City Cycling (CCC) Classes will involve both classroom time and parking lot and street drills.  There will be a $10 charge for registration and a TS101 manual is recommended and can be purchased for $10.

Confident City Cycling 1 (CCC1) is for people who don’t have the skills to safely bike in traffic or who are just a little rusty or unsure and want a refresher course.  CCC1 students will learn the basics of proper road biking and practice essential drills to make you a better cyclist. Plus, all CCC1 students will learn how to change a flat tire. (Next scheduled for June 24 & July 1, 2018)

CCC Classroom Instruction - In place of the classroom instruction traditionally done with this course we are doing a four hour on-line TS 101 class which students can take at their leisure.  We also have TS101 class outline and notes which will be helpful.  An accompanying TS 101 manual is recommended and can be purchased for $10.  

Confident City Cycling 2 (CCC2) class will build upon skills learned in CCC1 and teach you how to avoid specific dangerous situations with cars, pedestrians and the road.  CCC2 will cover emergency maneuver drills to give you the knowledge to be a well-rounded cyclist.  CCC2 will also have you practice with our instructors on the road so that you can confidently ride our city streets. 

Confident City Cycling 3 (CCC3) is the evaluative module designed for students who want to obtain a full LAB TS101 certificate in 3 classes instead of 1 nine hour class (CCC 1,2,3 equal to TS101 if taken in same year). The first half is an in-class written evaluation and the second half is an on-bike evaluation.  Participants must bring their own bikes, helmets, and water. CCC3 can be scheduled with WABA. 

 L2R and CCC Classes are also available through the Washington Area Bicycle Association (See upcoming WABA courses)

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