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Fredericksburg Cyclists

Fredericksburg Cyclists is a cycling community founded in 1984 and incorporated in 1989 to foster safe riding, social activities and social events among road cyclists in the Fredericksburg area. We are a medium-sized community hosting at least three (3) group rides weekly. See upcoming events below and join us for our next ride!

Cannonball century

Our signature event, the “Cannonball” century, is scheduled for 25 September 2021 so mark your calendars and plan to register starting in June. You may also subscribe now to be notified.

FCC COvid-19 Response

Update: 07/01/2020

Phase 3 is now in effect; Please continue to follow the guidelines below: 

A reminder that for these rides, we are following these guidelines for everyone’s safety:

  1. All riders are encouraged to wear a mask or other face covering, and to maintain social distancing to the maximum extent practicable at the start location, during the ride, and at rest stops. 
  2. No one other than the ride leader will touch the pen and clipboard. Check in with the leader and he/she will record your attendance. If you’re not on the list, you’re not on the ride.
  3. No more than 10 riders in a group.  While we cannot limit the number of riders that come to a ride. If more than 10 arrive, break up into smaller groups and leave in proper intervals. Following the guidelines is for your friends safety, it’s up to you to protect each other
  4. When riding in a group maintain safe distancing, 6 bike lengths, when following another rider to avoid slipstream/drafting (based on triathlon rules that prohibit drafting)

If you have questions on the rides or ideas for new rides, please contact the Ride Leaders or myself.

Ride safe!

Chuck Daniels

Ride Captain

FCC Founders Award

This award is established in honor of Susan Benner, Rosemary Pitts, Don Clark, Nancy Taubert and Katharyn Poplin-McGhee, the original founders of FCC.

The nominee must have made significant contributions through individual volunteer efforts for the benefit of FCC. Evidence of personal involvement in the function of FCC measured by achievement while serving as a member, officer, coordinator, ride leader or other position. The nominee must have demonstrated and effected significant contribution and personal commitment in support of FCC interests over a number of years. The nominee must have been a member for at least ten years and must be a current member to receive the award.

*This award is only presented to exceptional candidates and may not always be given.

The five individuals above received this award, a plaque and lifetime membership at the 2020 Winter Banquet. 

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