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Cannonball Century to be held Sept 28, 2024! Sign up here.

Save the date: FCC 40th Anniversary Picnic and Ride, Oct 12th

Group pace categories

The club attempts to organize rides based on the overall speed of the ride group.  Riders can use this as a gauge as to what the pace may be for a given ride.  The Ride Leader will set the pace, the rest stops and regroup points as appropriate for the group.

The ‘Group:’ field will be included in the ride calendar that will show the intended pace(s).  For example, ‘Group: C’ would indicate that the planned ride pace would be 12 - 15 mph while a ‘Group: ABCD’ would indicate that all paces would be supported.  

Group Pace (mph)             Description
A 19 - 20+
    • An "A" rider is in excellent condition, can maintain a 19-mph pace for extended periods, able to work in paceline with frequent rotations and should be able to do more advanced roadside maintenance.
    • The ride pace is fast with limited rest stops.  The riders are strong recreational riders and racers.  Riders may be dropped. 
B 16 - 18
    • A "B" rider is a strong rider that feels comfortable sharing the road with traffic, is comfortable in a paceline and can do basic roadside maintenance (change a tire).
    • The ride pace is brisk with some rest stops; these are for strong recreational riders.  The pace may reach 20 mph on the flats and some drafting will occur.  The ride generally regroups at the top of long climbs.
C 12 - 15
    • A "C" rider is a confident and experienced rider, in good condition, can handle most traffic conditions and can complete a 40 mile ride in 4 hours. 
    • The pace varies but is generally not faster than 18 mph.  The ride regroups frequently, and some drafting may occur.


and below

    • A "D" rider is a steady rider who may not feel comfortable in traffic and does not wish to attempt rides in excess of 40 miles.
    • The group stays together with regular rest stops. 


  • Helmets are required on all FCC rides.
  • Members must sign the sign-in roster before each ride for accountability and insurance liability purposes. 
  • Non-members are covered by FCC insurance only for their first ride. 
  • Minors must have a parent/guardian sign the sign-in roster on their behalf and be accompanied on the ride by the respective parent/guardian.
  • Earbuds or headphones are not permitted.
  • Due to safety concerns during group rides, riders with aerobars are prohibited from using them in pacelines or in groups.
  • The use of front and rear lights are MANDATORY for all evening club rides for not only your safety, but that of your fellow riders and pedestrians alike. Additionally, sometimes rides are delayed due to flat tires, etc., so there's always a chance you will return at dusk or later.
  • BE PREPARED to fix your own flat.  Have a bag on the back of your bike with spare tube, tire spoons, and a mini air pump. Practice fixing flats or take a class prior to group rides; you should be able to fix your own flats though the Ride Leader or group may assist.
  • Many club rides are "no drop" rides and the leader will stop to regroup at turns or after climbs or may ask an experienced rider to stay with slower riders if they can't keep up with the group (do your best to choose rides that meet your abilities).  Many leaders will lead from the front to show the way, though cue sheets (or gps routes) are typically provided.  The leader may designate a sweeper to ensure no one is dropped.  In some cases, leaders will lead from the mid or back of the pack, depending on the ride/route/attendees.  If regular club riders know the route, some may go out front at faster paces, but the leader will be responsible for riding the pace posted and for all riders returning safely to the start. (Unless they abandon the ride by going out front without knowing route or let the leader know they are planning to shorten ride, etc.)
  • We welcome you to FCC and look forward to seeing you on our next club ride!

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