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From Greg Kauffman

  • 15 Oct 2021 9:49 PM
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    The Chatham Bridge is open and where is our bike and walking trail to Ferry Farm?  This is the last Phase of the Belmont to Ferry Farm trail which connects to the Rappahannock Heritage Trail in the City .

     See the attached document including Map of planned trail. 

    I am a resident of George Washington District , Stafford County. I have spoken to other voters on our district who feel the same.  

     We need your help overturning the Stafford BOD decision 6 weeks ago to cancel the approved funding (> $2 million ) for this bike trail which was  planned since 2006. 

    Once this funding is canceled it will be hard to find additional funding.

    The Stafford BOD will meet at 3 pm this Tuesday at Stafford Courthouse to recommend the chairman write a letter to VDOT  canceling  the funding and thus the trail.

    This phase 6 trail was vetted by VDOT, Stafford County and had funding and most of the residents like myself were under the impression it will be built once the bridge was finished. The proposed Trail runs from East side of Chathum Bridge under railroad tracks on Naomi Drive  and connects to bike lanes on Cool Springs Road.  But not so.

    The decision was made due to pressure from Chatham Landing Townhouse community and other residents in the area expressing essentially NIMBY reasons:

    See below : as stated in the comments section in the FLS: 

     The trail would be 30 feet from a women's bedroom ( if I have the correct location, looks like that house has a public side walk in front of the house now so what is the difference having  a bike trail there?),

    Concern about safety of trail near their playground (fence and  landscaping buffer proposed to mitigate concerns) 

    VDOT not acting with due diligence in notifying neighbors, 

    Concerns about the safety closing one of the 2 way tunnel under railroad tracks along Naomi Drive ( VDOT approved) 

    Not sure about $3.6 Mullion, the Stafford County Document enclosed states $2 Million and its approved from federal and county funding sources (80%:20%) and by canceling the funding Stafford County would have pay back the  $130,000 spent on planning. 

    Various arguments including waiting for another 55 and Over apartment  Development to be built between Rt 3 and Naomi Drive ( would take years) and run the bike trail through that new development  or wait for reconstruction of the entire Rt 3 Railroad bride due to the DC- Richmond High Speed Train proposal ( would take decades?). 

    No mention about the real estate and heath and wellness benefits. 

    All representatives  except  Meg Boemke voted against it because Tom Coen the George Washington Rep voted against it for the above reasons. Seems from follow up from the meeting  2 of the Representatives would have voted yes if Tom voted yes thus it would have passed. 

    I am looking for help and ideas about how best to delay this final action to cancel the funding. At the very least, getting a list of  George Washington voters to sign a petition ( via Survey Monkey? I am not and expert with this so need some help )  and getting a group to show up to the meeting to express our disapproval this Tuesday. I realize its a longshot. We need a  social media campaign to the neighborhood Facebook pages, Twitter etc to help gather support. 

    In addition, another  related cycling  topic, that stretch of Rt. 3 going west  from the Cool springs road cycling path to Chatham Bridge is part of the East Coast Greenway and VDOT has made room and it has been on their plans to paint cycling lanes both east and west on that part of route 3 thus connecting the cycling lanes in that area.  Anyway we can get this project completed? 

    I am available to talk, 5402208954.

    Thanks for your time

    Greg Kauffman

    See attached files.

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