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Kudos to all...

  • 13 Nov 2022 5:51 PM
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    I want to take a moment to share with you all how glad I am that there is a wonderful group of people that make up the Fredericksburg Cyclist Club! Saturday, the club had a lot of people out riding in several groups and it was great to meet up with them along our ride. Many were wearing the club jerseys!  This club as such a diverse group of cyclists from all age groups and abilities. When I first joined the club I was barely able to finish a 50 mile group ride. I was dropped a lot...but I was always encouraged by the group. I could have ridden with the no drop group (which is a wonderful part of this club), but I was looking for a challenge. I found my challenge by chasing the group that dropped me... lol.  For some the challenge is 20 miles for others it is 100 miles and then there are some that have grown into ultra distance competitors. I started as a slow out of shape cyclist and through this club have, over the last 6-7 years, grown in strength and ability. The more important thing is the people I have met through this club. Many of you encourage me, train with me, share life with me. This club has people that are just out for some gentle excercise, some that come for the social aspect, some are visitors from out of town looking for a ride while in our area. We are old, young, fast, slow..some have expensive bikes, some have basic bicycles, some go long, some not so long, some are elite athletes training for the next time trial, criterium,  marathon, triathalon, Ironman, Race Across America, etc...

    The diversity of this club membership is an awesome thing that we should all celebrate and enjoy. I started as the slow guy, now I am racing long distance, and soon age will catch up with me and I will be leading the no-drop group on a 5 mile ride, all of that is awesome! The important thing is that we are all riding our bikes. 

    May your wheels always move forward,

    J Michael Phillips

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  • 14 Nov 2022 4:33 PM
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    This was a beautiful post, Mike. Thanks for sharing this.  It is important to appreciate riders of all abilities and speeds in a club like ours. We were all slow once.  We will all be slow again.  The important thing is, keep riding your bike!

    Kelly Rapkins

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