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Friday 1:00 Ride from Starbucks on Rt 17

  • 10 Oct 2023 9:23 PM
    Message # 13265648

    Het Riders!

    Just trying to drum up some interest and let folks know just how much fun we've been having. I'm on the comeback/recovery path so, the pace gets "spirited" but, we have regroups and steady paceline work in between.  We start off with about 3.5 miles to warm up and socialize a little. Then we head DOWNHILL!!!! in Stafford Lakes all the way to the end of the road, this is the first "Spirited" section and we regroup in the cul de sac. Then a little pacelining till we take a 150* left turn as we head down Rock Run along scenic Lake Mooney, this is still a paceline section but, it might get cranked up a tad. At the end of the road, if Tommy's there, we will have a photo op and regroup before rolling back out. As we head back to Stafford Lakes beware of the false flat (big guys like me), then roll through the neighborhood and turn left and head up Village Pkwy (remember the DOWNHILL!!!). Once on top, we roll together and hit a nice segment called, "The Green Mile"  the second half is the Greenbank Boogy, this is a FAST SECTION. Then its rolling up Celebrate Pkwy to Starbucks for Cups of skinny what-evers and Frapachios.

    So, leave work early, it's Friday. Days are cooler, afternoon is warmer, Retirees - no excuses, Bankers and Lawyers - come on, Students, Parolees,...

    Hope to see you there

    Ben Holmes


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