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Looking for crew members for my Race Across the West in June

  • 18 Jan 2022 12:27 PM
    Message # 12276368

    As most of you know I do a lot of Ultra distance races. Last year I attempted one of the biggest Ultra distance races in the world, Race Across the West or RAW for short. RAW is a 925 mile race from Oceanside, California to Durango, Colorado in a time of 92 hours or better. In 925 miles there is 55,000 feet of climbing, summer heat in the desert (temps were as high as 122 degrees last year during the race). Racers have to deal with not only the weather and elevation but also sleep deprivation, medical and physical issues, nutrition, and staying hydrated. A race like this takes a team of people to support the racer. A racer depends on the crew for everything. The crew has to keep the racer fed, hydrated, awake, make decisions on when to sleep, making sure clothes are changed regularly, fixing flats and mechanical issues on bikes, and dealing with mediacal issues that may arise. 

    I am putting together a crew of 5 to 6 people. I have 3 on the crew already. My crew chief has been crewing for me for 3 years and was on the RAW team last year and was with me during my 92 hour virtual RAW in 2019 when I rode the trainer over 92 hours with only 7 hours of sleep/offbike time. I also have a ulltra distance/marathon, Ironman on the crew who completed RAW last year. 

    The race starts on Tuesday, June 14th-18th. I need crew members that can be available from June 11th- 19th. I will supply lodging, food allowance and can, if needed to cover travel cost. Typically crew will fly into San Diego on the Saturday before the race and then will drive the rental van back to San Deigo and catch flights home. 

    Duties of the crew. 2 of the crew will be responsible for my nutrition needs and recording during the race the nutrition given, There is be drivers and navigators. The course is on GPS but there is a route book with the official route and it is up to the crew to make sure at all times that we are on the route. 

    We will have 2 mini vans. One mini van is the follow vehicle and is set up as the car that stays with the racer at all time. During the day the follow car leap-frogs the racer and food and drink hand-offs are done from outside the car. At night the car is in direct follow of the racer at all times and handoffs are done from the car. Racers cannot move forward at night without a follow car. The other car is to give team memebers time to sleep, eat, get supplies for the team, catch a shower, do laundry for the racer and team as needed and be prepared to take over in case sosmething happens to the other car. 

    Typically shifts in the follow car will be every 8 hours. It is possible that a person may have a double shift (depends on the final crew count) although there are many things that can happen during the race. The short of it is that the focus is on the racers safety and getting the racer to the finish in under 92 hours.

    I have crewed on 2 Race Across America (the 3000 mile big brother to RAW) and it was aa great experience. 

    If this is something that you might be interested in helping with please reach out to me at either mike.tpoint@hotmail.com or 540-760-7015 or through messenger.

    I have unfinished business with this race... last year I was 50 miles short of the finish when I ran out of time. This is my year to conquer this race and finish under the time limit.

    Thanks for you consideration.


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