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Race Across the West

  • 13 Jun 2023 10:52 AM
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    Today, I start of one of the biggest challenges of my life! The Race Across the West, one of the most difficult ultra bicycle races in the USA. 4 states, 925 miles, with a 92 hour time limit.

    This year I have dedicated this race to bring awareness and fundraise for a charity that means a lot to me. As a home builder, I work hard to help people’s dreams of “home” a reality. Home is much more than the house. It is the place where families are raised, friends gather, memories of a lifetime are made and a place of peace and security.

    Tunnels to Towers is an organization that helps to bring peace and the security of home to catastrophically injured first responders and military. They do this by providing mortgage free smart homes to those injured or pay off the mortgages of Gold Star families who have lost someone.

    Stephen Siller was a fire fighter in New York City and on September 9th and on 2001 he did what first responders do. He was off duty and headed to play golf with his brothers when he got word that a plane had hit one of the towers. He immediately changed his course and ran to the danger to serve those in need and ultimately lost his life saving others. He is survived by his wife and 5 children!

    First responders and our military men and women live a life of service to keep us all of us safe. The families of these men and women say goodbye to them each day not knowing if they will return home.

    Stephen Siller’s brother started Tunnels to Towers to give a little peace and security to these men and women and their families by securing a mortgage free home for them.

    I am trying to raise $25,000 for this cause because I know what home means and how very important it is. Will you join me now by making a donation today? You can make a donation at https://dogood.t2t.org/campaign/race-across-the-west/c474824 It would mean a lot to me if you would help today.

    My race starts today (June 13, 2023 at 12:13PM PDT) and you can find a link to live tracking on my web page at www.prevailracing.com The fundraising page will be available through July 15th, 2023. Help me reach the goal!

    Thank you and many blessings!

    J Michael Phillips

    Prevail Racing

    PS: I want to thank all of you in the FCC members that have supported me over the last few years by training with me and encouraging me. Years of training come down to this day! 

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